KSHEP Mentoring Network

KSHEP Mentoring Network

The KSHEP Mentoring Network is a group of people in the KSHEP community who come together to connect around the concept of mentor partnership. The Mentoring Network is guided by a small Core Leadership Team, made up mostly of current and former students in supported higher education programs.


1. Increase leadership opportunities for students and alums from supported higher education programs.

2. Connect with other people who are in mentor partnerships, so we can all learn from each other and share ideas.


We envision a partnership that centers the perspectives of people in supported higher education programs.


To create a space (online) for people to connect with each other, and to better understand the core values and practices of mentor partnership.

Core Leadership Team

The Core Leadership Team is a small group of people in KSHEP. It is and will continue to be made up of a majority of current and former students in supported higher education programs. This aligns with the vision of the Mentoring Network.

The Core Leadership Team has developed the format for the Mentoring Network meetings. These online meetings are held every other month, and are open to anyone in the KSHEP community. They are particularly geared toward KSHEP students, mentors, and program staff. If you would like to attend or learn more about these meetings, please email Erin Fitzgerald at Erin.Fitzgerald@uky.edu

The Core Leadership Team came up with a list of core values, based on their own experiences in mentor partnerships.

Core Values of Mentor Partnership

This video was created by the team to share some of these Core Values of Mentor Partnership

KSHEP Member Spotlights

The following media clips are spotlights of members of KSHEP. The purpose of these Member Spotlights is to share perspectives from individual members of the KSHEP community. By sharing and listening to the perspectives and experiences of others, we hope to build understanding and grow stronger as a community.