Inclusive Higher Education Timeline

Inclusive Higher Education Timeline

Postsecondary Opportunities Workgroup
(POW) is launched by families, young adults with intellectual disabilities, and Kentucky organizations.

Postsecondary Inclusion Partnership
PIP begins three-year grant funded by the Commonwealth Council on Developmental Disabilities.

University of Kentucky Human Development Institute is awarded a five-year $2.1 million federal grant Supported Higher Education Project, SHEP.

Pilot between SHEP and Office of Vocational Rehabilitation provides support services on college campuses around Kentucky.

SHEP staff and students with intellectual disabilities present to Kentucky Legislative Subcommittee on Postsecondary Education.

A group from Murray State University, led by a parent advocate, expresses interest in starting a program on campus.

Representative Carl Rollins attends POW meeting and hears concern that SHEP students cannot utilize Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship Program money.

Murray State University become first Comprehensive Transition Project (CTP) in Kentucky.

Kentucky Legislature unanimously passes bill to allow students with alternate diploma to access their KEES money.

Bluegrass Community & Technical College becomes Comprehensive Transition Program.

SHEP, POW and stakeholders explore expansion and sustainability options.

Spalding University becomes Comprehensive Transition Program.

Northern Kentucky University becomes a Comprehensive Transition Program.

Partnerships in Employment State Systems Change grant.

Inclusive Higher Education Webinar series.

Kentucky State Budget addresses Supported Higher Education.

Kentucky Supported Higher Education Partnership.

University of Kentucky begins Comprehensive Transition Program.

Owensboro Community and Technical College launches Comprehensive Transition Program.